St. Joseph

Road Trip

Yesterday I met St. Joseph.  He was in his late 60s, short, scruffy beard, tattooed, with a high pitched smokers voice which was loud and unique.

Joseph was at the lobby of the hotel drinking a beer with the intent of getting drunk.  He planned to hitch-hike to Denver but only made it 39 miles from his home.  Joseph was however, very helpful and he ran in to grab  blanket when a little old lady pulled up on the middle of the storm.  He also did other good deeds in the short time that we talked.

in the end, Joseph helped me pick up my bike and invited me for a beer, but I turned him down.

I wish Joseph the best of luck and I hope his old lady, like he called her, but had been in love with her for 35 years, let’s him get the bike he wants.

We need more Josephs in this world.  Too bad we judge people by their appearance. He was a borderline homeless looking old hippy with a heart of gold. Probably what Jesus looked like and not what we picture him like.

Good luck St. Joseph and I hope you make it to Denver soon.

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