Life on the line

Road Trip

There is a risk in everything we do. But there is certainly RISK in riding a motorcycle. Going 90 down the highway, you can’t help to be a little afraid that:

  • The semi truck you are passing does not have a blow out.
  • A deer doesn’t decide to cross the road. Or bird fly into you.
  • The idiot next to you decides to change lanes.
  • There is not piece of debris which you fail to see.
  • You don’t get a flat or your chain decides to break.
  • Your brakes decide to fail.
  • And, lately to add to the list, that a wind doesn’t blow you over

So why ride?

There is something magical about a motorbike – the rush, the thrill, the awaking of the senses. There is something that about a motorcycle that is unexplainably addictive, seductive and therapeutic, despite the risk. In the perfect world, we would all ride motorcycles and cars/trucks driven by idiots would be the exception.

Life on the line, there’s no better way to have a good.

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