Road Trip

Rode 350+ miles today, Missouri back roads, Illinois and Kentucky highways. Big traffic pile up in Kentucky so I pulled off at Fort Campbell for the night. I am 280 miles from base so if all goes well I should be there tomorrow.

The days started off with a few minor upsets:

  1. The water bladder in my jacket was not closed properly so it leaked all over my butt 1 mile into my ride.
  2. I almost ran out of gas in the backroads of Missouri, thanks to a local who pointed me to a little convenient store that had a 1950’s single pump (I would have totally missed it if I did not ask because there were no signs).
  3. I lost my motorcycle key at a quick trip (fortunately somebody turned it in). I panicked but I have a spare.
  4. My iPhone charger which I have mounted on the bike died and I did not noticed until the iPhone died in the backroads of Missouri- fortunately, once I found a cell signal, the broken iPad came to the rescue.
  5. I stuck the iPhone on my tank bag and tried charging it with the other charge I have for the tanks bag, but the iPhone overheated and did not take a charge. I finally retired chargers and got the iPhone charged.
  6. Finally, I ran into a big traffic jam in highway 24,I rode the median for a bit and pulled off for the night.

Sometimes I feel like I’m cursed but at least it’s all silly stuff.

Pulled into a Days Inn in Fort Campbell around 3:30 local time. Ordered Royale with Cheese from Mickey Ds across the street and bought a six pack of beer from the gas station next door. I will probably have 3 or 4 (we’ll see if that’s true).

P.S. It was high 80’s all the way in.

P.S.S In Missouri they don’t even bother naming the back roads. They just label them A, B, C, etc.

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