Road Trip

No hiking today.

Work is frustrating with the international youth. It seems that it is very hard for them to get fired and they know it. I have repeat offenders (loud voices, music, drunkenness, etc.) and nothing happens.

My sleep deprivation is also taking its toll.

If I do not find a hiking partner soon I think I will blow off this clam bake. I did not come here for the work, I came to enjoy the park and I am doing very little of that.


Road Trip

I had the day off today. I went for a hike to Fairy Falls, easy hike about 3 miles.

I then hiked behind Old Faithful with the intentions of getting tired so I can sleep better. Laundry and then off to bed.

PS. I should have worn a hat or sunscreen. My head is hot and red. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t peel – we will see.


Road Trip

I saw a coyote this morning with a broken front leg limping along the side of the road. I think he is the local resident referred to as Limpy who hangs around the lodge during the winter, according to some who have been working here for years.

Work was ok.

I tried napping but couldn’t so we will see how I hold up on the night shift.