Road Trip

Today I saw snow for the first time since I’ve been here. We had a slight dusting 11 miles south of where I’m staying. Here it has been raining and cold.

Work was ok. In the am I had to accompany another resident coordinator as she went into each room to do a fire safety inspection.

The second shift I spent doing the rounds between three buildings.

I’m still having difficulties getting my sleep.

I kinda miss home. And most of all, I miss the Mousey.


Road Trip

Yesterday was my first day on the job solo. In the morning shift I vacuumed for 4 hours straight. It reminded me how much I rather exercise my brain instead of my body. In the night shift, I had to cover three buildings, which meant going from building to building in the cold rain – a pain in the butt putting on rain coat, skull cap and running between buildings with flashlight, water bottle and clip board. You are constantly going from cold wet to the dry heat of the building interior. I had to knock on about 7 doors asking them to keep their voice or music down. Overall, not a bad day.


Road Trip

Yesterday was my first day of on-the-job-training.  The work does not seem too hard, but it is going to take my body some time to get used to the split shift hours.

In the morning, I went for a 4 hour hike right behind Old Faithful.  I stuck to the more popular trail after hiking up through a wooded area that was eerily quiet and since I was alone, I turned back to a more popular trail.  As it was, I only saw about a dozen hikers.  Later on the day I heard the news that a 10 year boy was attacked by a grizzly bear who was defending her cub.  Fortunately the parents reacted quickly with bear spray and the boy survived the attack with just a few bites to the wrist, back and buttocks.  The incident happened in the Divide Trail which is about 3 miles southeast from where I was.  I definitely will not be hiking alone anymore!


Image from the web.  I am still in the hunt to capture a grizzly with my camera.

Day 2 – YNP Work

Road Trip

Today was orientation, boring but at least we got paid for it. Standard corporate stuff (mission statement, values, etc.) plus some safety review. I am amazed at the immaturity of some the younger generation. A group of about 10 were constantly talking in class, late to class or asleep in class.

Tomorrow I have job specific training and then I am off for the next 2 days after that.

Day 1 – YNP Work

Road Trip

So because I’m always early for an appointment, this morning I was offered the opportunity to change jobs – instead of a housekeeper, I am what they call a resident coordinator. I basically check-in and check-out employees into their dorm rooms and I make sure they are quiet during the quiet time. As a perk, I get my own room with a bathroom. My hours are weird, but I think it will work for my benefit. I have a split shift which goes from 1PM to 5PM and from 10PM to 2AM. Once I get passed not going to bed by 9, I think I will find that it gives me chances for sunrise and sunset excursions.

I am stationed in Old Faithful. I would post a photo but the internet is sloooow.